Share Celebrities Who Like to Wear Colorful Jewelry

Share Celebrities Who Like to Wear Colorful Jewelry

No matter how proud people are, seeing a gemstone can't help but stop and admire its brilliance.

Jewelry isn't just a fashion accessory. It can add life and personality to your outfit, and it's a great way to use colors outside of what you wear on the inside. These celebrities are no exception - from bold, bright colors to more muted pastels, these celebs know that jewelry is all about what suits them best.

Ciara is a unicorn. She can do no wrong in the world of fashion and jewelry, finding the right pair of earrings or necklace to match her outfit seemingly effortlessly. Her use of bright, bold colors in her jewelry isn't just for show - she actually wears them all the time. She may not have the most expensive or delicate pieces from designers like Chanel or Tiffany, but her favorite pieces are just as 

Beyonce's been know to add tons of glitz and glamour to whatever outfit she's wearing. She can rock the big diamonds and huge statement necklaces just as much as the delicate gold chains. Her style is one that can be super flashy and in-your-face, but she can tone it down on a more simple look as well. She's not afraid to mix all the different jewelry styles for an outfit - big and small, gold and silver, loud and subtle - she does it all.

Cameron Diaz says that she takes after her grandmother when it comes to jewelry. She loves those big, bold statement necklaces like her grandmother did. She actually recalls a story about the time she wore a big, golden chain to the beach and it got soaked in salt water. The chain ended up turning black and crusty, but that didn't stop Cameron from wearing it out again. She said that she did it because her grandmother had always worn big chunky pieces, and so Cameron figured she should too. In fact, she loves to wear all different kinds of jewelry: rings, bracelets, earrings. She uses accessories as part of her everyday look and is always mixing it up to make sure it suits the situation she's in.

Since Nicole Kidman was a little girl, she remembers spending hours in her mother's jewelry box. She had always been fascinated by all the different pieces of jewelry and how they were made. As she grew older, she became more obsessed with it, always looking for the next best thing for her collection. She wears whatever strikes her fancy that day, whether it be a lemon yellow large carat ring or a pair of featured earrings.

Diane Kruger is a woman who knows what she likes and will wear it, no matter what. That's why she's always got her jewelry in outfits that are bold and colorful. Sometimes she'll mix up her accessories, so that she has one necklace with a big pendant, one with a smaller one, and another with just a few little charms. In fact, it seems like the trendier the accessory is, the more she loves it. She's said that her favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones where she can see them from afar - like a giant, chunky colorful earring.

Anne Hathaway loves the feeling of wearing jewelry, even when it's not part of a set. She's found that she likes wearing a necklace, especially anything that has a little charm on it. It gives her something to play with during the day, so that she can add some extra personality to her outfits without making them look too overwhelming. Sometimes she'll even wear jewelry just for its own sake, like those delicate crystal earrings she likes to wear out in public.

Miranda Kerr is one of the few celebrities that loves having her entire body covered in jewelry. She's got big earrings, big necklaces, and big rings on all of her fingers. She says that she doesn't really have a favorite piece of jewelry though - she just likes to have them all on at different times. When she wants to look more casual, she'll wear simple bangles and earrings. When she wants to dress up more, she'll wear a choker, a long necklace, and a pair of huge earrings. But if you catch her looking at her jewelry on the go, you can bet that those giant rings are going on.


There you have it! These are the top 10 women who know how to do accessories. They know when to dress up, and they know when to go casual. They've got a big collection of accessory pieces, from one-of-a-kind pieces to beautiful everyday items. They wear them with everything they own, mixing and matching until they find their perfect look. We may not have their budgets or closets, but we can definitely take a page out of their books when it comes to jewelry.

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