From Idea to Your Hands

How it works

When the moment calls for something truly unique, our PREMIUM CUSTOMIZATION is for you. Our portfolio of designers and the in-house team can tailor-make the special jewelry that tells your stories. We offer customization on our curated collection, as well as fully bespoke designs to suit your need.


Initial Consultation

Everything starts with your creative ideas. We hope that your design idea is as clear and specific as possible, it can be a hand drawing, a product for reference, or a product or clothing that needs to be matched, we will use a form to collect the above information, click the button below, you can submit.
We then evaluate the information received in detail and get in touch with you online, email or whatsapp to gather the details needed for the creative concept.


Gemstone Selection

Based on your finalized design ideas, we select colored stones from highly trusted suppliers for you to choose from.
In most cases, we will recommend the size of the stone you already have, which not only reduces costs, but also speeds up the production cycle. In a few cases, according to your design, the stone needs to be specially customized, we will try our best to control the cost and efficiency to ensure that you can get the finished product quickly.


CAD Rendering

Once you approve the creative concept and select your diamond or gemstone, we will produce a CAD rendering of your design based upon the exact stone you’ve chosen.



After you officially confirm the design, we need 50% deposit, the balance will be paid before shipment.



Our jewelers will cast, grind, set and polish according to your approved design, and we will pay attention to every detail to ensure that your creativity can be 100% executed. Finally, we carefully inspect the finished product to make sure there are no flaws.



Before shipping, we will take photos and video of the product, and confirm with you to ensure that it is the product you want to receive.
After your confirmation, we will choose Fedex or UPS to express to your desired delivery address.
We can also provide gift box packaging in case you want to surprise your loved one.

Submit Your Custom Requirements

* There are NO returns or exchanges on Custom Products, due to the fact that each piece is made to order. Once any of Custom Products go into production, there can be NO cancellation.
* Custom orders will take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive as these products are made to order and are subject to specific testing and quality control.