Sterling silver zircon is a popular material for making jewelry, prized for its attractive appearance and durability. However, to maintain its pristine condition, it's essential to take good care of your silver zircon pieces. In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks for preserving the sparkle of your sterling silver zircon jewelry.

Avoid Chemicals

Sterling silver zircon is vulnerable to contamination, so it's crucial to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics, and cleaning agents. These substances can cause silver to darken and also affect the clarity of the zircon. If you need to apply these products, do so before putting on your jewelry and allow them to dry completely before wearing your jewelry.

Avoid Prolonged Water Exposure

Sterling silver zircon shouldn't be exposed to water for extended periods, especially seawater. Prolonged water exposure can cause silver to discolor and affect the clarity of the zircon. Therefore, it's critical to remove your jewelry before swimming or participating in any water-related activities.

Regular Cleaning

Using a gentle cloth to wipe your sterling silver zircon can remove dirt and fingerprints, keeping it looking its best. You can use a specialized jewelry polishing cloth, but avoid using cleaning agents that contain abrasives as they can scratch the surface. If your jewelry requires more thorough cleaning, use warm water and mild soap, and rinse thoroughly before drying with a soft cloth.

Store Properly

When not wearing your sterling silver zircon jewelry, store it in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight. You can store it in a jewelry box or wrap it in a jewel bag to prevent scratches and damage. Additionally, it's essential to keep your silver zircon pieces separate from other jewelry to prevent tangling or scratching.

Regular Maintenance

To maintain the appearance and durability of your sterling silver zircon jewelry, it's essential to have it professionally cleaned and maintained regularly. You can take your jewelry to a jewelry store or specialized cleaning service center for professional cleaning and maintenance.


Sterling silver zircon is an elegant and durable material that requires proper care to maintain its beauty. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your sterling silver zircon jewelry looking its best for years to come. Avoid contact with chemicals, prolonged exposure to water, and store it in a suitable place to prevent damage. Regularly wiping and professional maintenance will help to ensure that your jewelry remains in pristine condition. With these tips, you can enjoy your stunning sterling silver zircon jewelry for many years to come.