10 Creative Ways to Wear Brooches as Fashion Accessories

10 Creative Ways to Wear Brooches as Fashion Accessories

Brooches are a common decoration for modern women, and even wearing them on certain occasions is a form of etiquette.

Brooches are a common decoration for modern women, and even wearing them on certain occasions is a form of etiquette.

An Austrian writer described the brooch in a novel like this:

For women, the brooch is more a symbol than a decoration, because it is the only special case of all jewelry that does not come into contact with the female body. Even if the noble is the queen, she must humble her head when wearing the brooch.

The Brooch Is an Indispensible Jewelry Accessory for Queen Elizabeth

But many people think that the brooch is too solemn and elegant, so it often makes the brooch and fashion somewhat inseparable, and some people even feel that it is a bit old-fashioned to wear.

please! If you have this idea, it's because you don't know how to wear a brooch!

In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • 1.Wear on the Chest
  • 2.Wear at the Neckline
  • 3.Wear in Hair
  • 4.Wear It on a Silk Scarf
  • 5.Wear Around the Waist
  • 6.On the Hat
  • 7.Wear on the Pocket
  • 8.Wear on the Bag
  • 9. Directly As a Button
  • 10.Where Do You Want to Wear, Where to Wear

There are actually many ways to wear brooches. If you don't believe me, let's take a look:

1.Wear on the Chest

Wearing the brooch on the left side of the chest is the most classic and formal way, which not only shows femininity, but also adds a sense of fashion to them.


In winter, brooches are a perfect match with coats and sweaters! In summer, if you feel that solid-color clothes are too monotonous, you can also wear a brooch, which will definitely make ordinary collocations come alive immediately.

If you are tired of the same wearing mode, you can try to arrange two or three small brooches in a random order, and it will be very interesting.

2.Wear at the Neckline

This is also a common way to wear a brooch, but it is more casual than wearing it on the chest. It is not only a brooch, but also a bow tie and a necklace, killing two birds with one stone.

If your dress has a very low neckline, but you don't want it to be too low, you can add a delicate brooch, which is not only decorative, but also prevents it from being exposed.


Tips: Wearing a brooch, it is best not to wear a necklace, otherwise it will appear cluttered and redundant.

3.Wear in Hair

Wearing a brooch in a bun when the hair is in a bun looks elegant and dignified, and it is also very innovative. Hollywood stars often play like this.

When using a headscarf or headband, pin the brooch on the knot, which is classic and fashionable.


The most important thing is, you can also save a sum of money for hair accessories~

4.Wear It on a Silk Scarf

When wearing a silk scarf, combining a brooch and a silk scarf can increase the visual magnificence.

And my mother no longer has to worry about my silk scarves being tied badly. With the help of brooches, the effect is great!

5.Wear Around the Waist

When wearing more slim-fitting clothing, you can pin the brooch on your waist to show off your waist proudly.

Beckham, in a black evening dress, put the brooch on her waist and instantly gained focus

Beckham, in a black evening dress, put the brooch on her waist and instantly gained focus

If you have a small belly, wearing a brooch on your side waist can break the horizontal trend of vision and divert the attention of others, so that you will no longer have a "big belly".

6.On the Hat

Pinning a delicate brooch on a hat adds the finishing touch. Not only unique, but also permeated with personal elegance

"The Great Gatsby" Stills

"The Great Gatsby" Stills

In Europe in the 1920s, it was very fashionable to wear a brooch on a hat, which was deeply loved by the ladies and ladies at that time.

7.Wear on the Pocket

This is the most IN wearing method for young people. Whether it is a jacket, jeans, sweater, or skirt, as long as there is a pocket, that is the shining point of the brooch.

Wear brooch on the Pocket

Whether you wear the brooch on the side pocket of your jeans or on the pocket of your coat, you can wear it with trend and novelty.

8.Wear on the Bag

Bags, as part of the overall collocation, naturally cannot be ignored.

Wear the brooch on your bag to reveal your fashion sense in a low-key way.

9. Directly As a Button

Used to fix shawls, or knit cardigans and small coats, then the brooch is like a shiny large button, making your placket unique.

Van Cleef & Arpels Round Brooch, 1931

Van Cleef & Arpels Round Brooch, 1931

10.Where Do You Want to Wear, Where to Wear

In fact, brooches are really universal jewelry, you can wear it anywhere you want.

If you are bold enough and have ideas, then all the above wearing methods will not become your shackles for you.

Fashion has no standards.

If you put aside fashion and trends, how to wear brooches when you encounter some more business occasions?

How do men and women wear brooches differently?

Butterfly Silhouette Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring&Brooch

The question of how women wear brooches depends on everyone's preferences and interests. As long as the styles of the two are not too abrupt and the positions are correct, they are generally not ugly.

For business men, the wearing method of brooches has always been strict:

When wearing clothes with a collar, the brooch should be worn on the left side; when wearing clothes without a collar, it should be worn on the right side;

Wear it on the right side when the hairstyle is left, otherwise wear it on the left side;

Moreover, the upper and lower positions of the brooch should be in a parallel position between the first and second buttons.

Although the requirements are strict, this small brooch can bring a gentleman's taste and style to men.

Even if you usually wear casual clothes and wear a small and delicate brooch, it will still appear that you have a unique taste and are extraordinary.

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