Dissoo jewelry

Celebrating Life in Creative Color

Dissoo is committed to offering eco-friendly colorful gemstone jewelry that is luxurious and unique, matching preferred price points and exceeding your expectations every time.

The Making of Dissoo® Jewelry

Functionality Meets Refined Sophistication

Every collection starts with an idea, blending modern, up-to-date jewelry trends and classic settings touched by creative expertise. Take a chance with elegant pieces and celebrate your stylistic independence.Delicately designed jewelry provides the right look for your busy lifestyle. Streamlined silhouettes, clusters of gorgeous gems, and show-stopping brilliance make our products distinct enough to fit into any everyday professional wardrobe, casual moments, or formal events. Made for the vibrant, mature women who love to indulge in exclusive designer looks at a fraction of the price. Make a statement in culture and fashion without stepping outside of your budget.

Our Craft

The Charm of Handmade Work

Our true craftsmanship comes from a passion for design and a respect for mother earth, not assembly lines producing the same product over and over in mass quantities. We oversee each part of the production process from start to finish with a critical eye. We believe that every beautiful piece is unique, as unique and authentic as you are.

Our Design

Design with Heart

Our team has several decades of experience in gold and silver jewelry production. Through our design skills and hands-on involvement, we strive to provide professional women who adore colorful gems an affordable alternative for daily sophistication. We seek inspiration from high-end designer jewelry, remove the cumbersome supply chain and retain the essence. We painstakingly match the combination of colored stones and supplement the mounting and settings. Each finished product glitters from all angles when worn. Make everlasting moments picture-perfect with a dazzling accessory worthy of your special times.

Our Stones

"Lab-grown Diamonds Can Shine Too"

Natural, earth-mined fancy color diamonds are expensive and rare. We use high-quality colored zircon as an alternative in our collections because they resemble fancy color diamonds in vibrancy, scintillation, and brilliance. Zircons exhibit similar visual attributes to genuine diamonds without the environmental impacts of mining and sourcing, making them a great socially-conscious alternative.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our collections honor modern concepts entwined with hands-on creativity, ensuring each product is not only distinctive but kind to the environment. Eco-friendly stones and non-toxic alloys allow us to offer stunning gemstone jewelry for everyone to enjoy. Feel good knowing you are receiving a piece of jewelry that not only celebrates a special occasion, but respects the earth and diversity.

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