Fluttering into Spring: Embrace the Season with Butterfly-Inspired Jewelry

Fluttering into Spring: Embrace the Season with Butterfly-Inspired Jewelry

This article will showcase various butterfly-inspired jewelry collections that can be paired with soft pastel colors for a whimsical, feminine look. Let's incorporate butterfly-inspired jewelry into the wardrobe, embrace the butterflies this spring, and embrace the elves this spring.

Butterflies, as the first wave of germinating creatures in the world of animals and plants in the vibrant spring, have a light body and give people infinite beautiful longings. From ancient times to the present, countless works have used the image of "butterfly" to express their inner thoughts. Whether it is the story of "Zhuang Zhou's Dream of a Butterfly" or "Liang Zhu's Transformation into a Butterfly", they are all closely related to the image of "butterfly".

There are a large number of jewelry designs about the "butterfly" element. Different eras and cultural backgrounds use different materials for jewelry creation, leaving rich and precious spiritual and cultural wealth for the world.


01 Chen Shiying Jewelry

Chen Shiying (Wallace Chen), an internationally renowned jewelry design and engraving master. He combines artistic sculpture and jewelry creation, and uses titanium and other new materials to make unique high-end jewelry, which is known as "wearable art".

Works by Chen Shiying: Nebula Butterfly

"Nebula Butterfly" tells a beautiful story:

"In the time and space 4,000 light-years away from the earth, there is a pair of beautiful butterflies, born from the energy released by the stars, the world calls them the Butterfly Nebula. The air currents are their wings, and the stardust is their color. They With a width of three light years, extremely high temperature, and a desirable speed—if people can fly on them, people on the earth can fly to the moon 60 times in one day."


The story of Nebula Butterfly makes the creators linger in the interstellar, imagine galloping, shuttle and forget to return, so they create a wonderful butterfly planet, so that a pair of butterfly star people can create a beautiful association of human beings from now on. They have heart flowers on their heads and halos in their hands, symbolizing sublimated wisdom, abundant life, and a happy state of mind. The body of the Butterfly star is made of space metal—titanium metal with micro-carved auspicious cloud patterns, inlaid with flashing diamonds, some parts are inlaid with amethyst relief and intaglio carvings, and various free-cut pink corundum. Concentrating on the symphony streamer, distorting the vision, presenting the invisible sound waves in the universe. Their extended tentacles, in addition to expressing the beauty of physical and mental balance and the fragrance of flowers permeating the surroundings, also represent the resonance and connection between all living beings.

On the Butterfly Planet, the stars moisten all things, the moon moistens all living beings, and the universe serves as the matrix, with its endless energy, nourishing the growth of the most true, the most good, and the most beautiful. "


02  Buccellati

Buccellati's butterfly jewelry, the wings usually use the brand's iconic textured gold carving process, which is complex and meticulous.

The wings of this butterfly brooch use the prestigious Buccellati Tulle tulle technique. Each hollow hole on the butterfly wings must go through 9 processes to complete, and only in this way can the lines of the butterfly wings be vividly depicted . The 18K gold hollow wings are dotted with beautiful diamonds, which are extremely dazzling. The head and tentacles of the butterfly are made of 18K white gold, and the body of the butterfly is made of a slender baroque pearl. The overall shape gives people a sense of agility. Butterflies spread their wings and dance in the air, showing infinite lightness.

Buccellati Buccellati Unica series Danaus brooch

Dissoo® Butterfly Silhouette Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring&Brooch


03  Van Cleef & Arpels VanCleef&Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels has a special liking for the light and elegant butterfly. Since 1906, Van Cleef & Arpels has been continuously inspired by these sprouting creatures, using precious stones to craft wings to imitate their shining light dance. The Butterfly series works are lifelike and graceful. For decades, the allure of the butterfly has inspired the imagination of the Maison's artisans. 


04  Cindy Chao

Cindy Chao uses the representative colors of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in the posture of the butterfly. The emerald full of green and vitality shows the layering of the butterfly when it flaps its wings; the ruby ​​​​in the midsummer sun makes the butterfly full of enthusiasm and vitality; Gradient yellow The breath of autumn, the bleak autumn brings the transformation of the earth; finally, white diamonds, sapphires and black enamel present the artistic conception of cold winter, and let butterflies fly in the white snow.



05  Faberge

Russian jeweler Fabergé invited London jewelry designer James Ganh to be the brand's first "Featured Designer" (Featured Designer) to collaborate on a new capsule jewelry collection. The design inspiration of this series of works comes from the gorgeous natural colors in summer, and brings together more than 10 kinds of colored gemstones to interpret natural images such as butterflies and flowers, showing the vitality of summer.

The body of the butterfly is inlaid with emeralds, spessartites, pink tourmalines and white sapphires, and the wings of the butterfly are covered with colorful sapphires, tanzanites, emeralds and diamonds in colorful and bright colors; the butterfly necklace is made of diamonds, tsavorites The stone pavement emits a gradient of hues, and the cushion-shaped emeralds set between the wings become the focus of attention.

Fabergé X James Ganh rose gold brooch, by Fabergé

Emeralds, spessartines, pink tourmalines, white sapphires, tanzanites, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, sapphires and diamonds.

Fabergé X James Ganh necklace in white gold, by Fabergé

Set with cushion-cut and pear-cut emeralds, round-cut tsavorites and diamonds, convertible into a brooch.

Dissoo® Butterfly Silhouette Ring & Brooch with 7.5ct Pink Primary Gemstone

The butterfly element is deeply loved by designers because of its beautiful shape and implication. In addition to symbolizing spiritual transformation, there is a saying about the butterfly: it represents the pursuit of change, the desire for freedom, and also represents courage. Butterflies carry such profound connotations and at the same time have external beauty, which has always been one of the favorite themes in the field of jewelry. Earrings, pendants, rings, and brooches are all "fields" where butterflies fly. I hope that more outstanding design works will be presented to the world in the future

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