Three Stone Ring - Romance That Never Goes Out of Style

Three Stone Ring - Romance That Never Goes Out of Style

A classic and timeless symbol of love and commitment, a three stone ring will never go out of style. Whether as an engagement ring or as a special occasion gift, a three-stone ring is a beautiful and meaningful way to express love and loyalty.
Rings are the declaration and testimony of love. Lovers express their love, and newcomers must have rings when they get married. Today, Mr. Baoshi will introduce to you a three-stone ring full of love, let’s find out together!

1.What is a Three Stone Ring?

Three-stone ring (Trilogy Ring), as the name suggests, means that there are three gemstones on the ring. The three-stone ring has an extremely beautiful meaning. Three stones mean three lives. Three lives and three generations will never be separated . The distribution of each gemstone represents the past, present and future.

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The European royal family has a soft spot for three-stone rings . The engagement rings and anniversary gifts of royal families in various countries all have three-stone rings. There are various styles of three-stone rings, including the same kind of gemstones, colorless diamonds with colored gemstones, contrasting colors and other new styles.
 same gemstone
Usually, one eye-catching large gemstone is used as the main stone, and two smaller gemstones are embellished on both sides. The three gemstones complement each other, which not only highlights the brilliance of the main stone, but also makes the whole more harmonious and has the beauty of change .
Two small diamonds set off a three-stone ring with a large baguette
Princess Grace of Monaco's second engagement ring
Different shapes of diamonds can be mixed and matched , and the choice of trapezoidal, oval or fancy-cut diamonds as a foil can better set off the center stone .

Oval-cut diamonds set on both sides


baguette-cut diamonds set on both sides

Of course, three gemstones of the same shape can also be inlaid on the ring. Such a three-stone ring is also unique and relatively rare.

princess margaret of england

2.Colorless Diamonds with Colored Stones

It is more common to have a colored gemstone as the main stone among the three gemstones . The three-color ring with ruby ​​and sapphire as the main stone is even more classic in the European royal family and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands received a gift from her daughter

Princess Caroline of Monaco's engagement ring

The three-color ring with gems such as emeralds and colored diamonds also has a sense of layering and beauty of color . Under the contrast of clean and clear diamonds, the color of the main stone is more vivid and attractive.
Dissoo® Fancy Pink Radiant Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring&Cocktail Ring

3.Contrast color

The three gemstones are all colored gemstones, with a variety of color combinations , which can be boldly contrasted, or unified and harmonious in tone, and the style is ever-changing. The wedding ring given to his second wife (from France) by the second prince of Denmark uses ruby, diamond, and sapphire. These three colors represent the colors of the French national flag, forming a rich visual hierarchy.

The wedding ring given to his second wife by the second prince of Denmark

new style
The three gemstones are not only designed to be inlaid around the ring, but can also be inlaid vertically along the direction of the fingertips , which is very individual and ingenious.

norwegian queen ring

After reading these styles of three-stone rings, which one excites you the most? Choose carefully and dedicate it to your loved one.

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