Which Is the Most Popular Diamond Setting Method? Strongest? The Most Diamond?

Which Is the Most Popular Diamond Setting Method? Strongest? The Most Diamond?

A diamond is forever, and a diamond will last forever. Today's diamonds are all made of sophisticated inlay technology to make jewelry more brilliant. Different diamond inlay techniques such as prong inlay, bezel inlay, and track inlay may have a huge impact on the appearance of gemstones. Diamond inlay technology also hides mysteries!

The most popular - prong setting

Prong setting is currently the most popular diamond setting method, which can be called "universal setting method". The reason why it is called prong setting is that it uses long thin claws to hold diamonds, usually three claws, four claws or six claws. The setting shows the beauty of diamonds, and it is convenient to observe the cutting, color and clarity of diamonds. For larger diamonds, prongs are used for firmness.


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Popular advantage:

1. The four-prong setting and the six-prong setting are especially popular. They are stable and have less hidden diamonds, showing the beauty of diamonds clearly and perfectly. The six-prong setting is the crown setting method, and the six-prong setting has a very romantic meaning. The six claws respectively imply responsibility, commitment, tolerance, trust, care and cherishment. The princess diamond fits into four prongs, and the four prongs represent the love of "a lifetime".

2. By using light incident and reflection at different angles, the fire of the diamond can be displayed from all directions, making the diamond look bigger and brighter. Visually create the illusion of being larger than itself. So it will give people a big visual experience of the diamond ring.

3. The prong-set diamond ring is elegant, classic and timeless, and it is also suitable for different hand shapes, making you radiant.

Six-prong setting & four-prong setting

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The most elegant - Channel Setting

Track setting is a method of safely setting small diamonds, also known as channel setting, in which small diamonds are set in two parallel metal bars, which are clear and clear without being obtrusive, and look very elegant. This setting is often used in wedding rings or rings that only fit melee diamonds and do not have a center diamond.

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The strongest - Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is the strongest and most traditional setting method, using a metal edge to seal the diamond from the girdle down in a metal bracket (frame). There is no gap between the inlaid diamonds and the bezel, which is even and smooth, and the edge of the bezel is smooth and smooth, and there is no abrupt and thorny place to the touch. This kind of mosaic method is not too obvious, and the style is more traditional and subtle, which is very suitable for you who are low-key and connotative.

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The most mysterious - "Mystery Setting"

Mystery setting was invented by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930, one of our most familiar jewelry brands. Metal claws, brackets or bases, so it is also called "hidden inlay method". In 1934, Van Cleef & Arpels patented an "invisible" setting. Until 1990, this technique was also applied to diamond setting. Later, it was renamed as "hidden" inlay, and it was also called borderless inlay by everyone.


The most exciting - Tension Setting

The name of the card setting comes from the fact that it relies on the tension of the metal itself to fix the diamond. As a result, it looks like the diamond is suspended between the two metal handles of the ring, so people call it a clamp setting. With the help of laser laser technology, the diamond is precisely proofread, and then the jeweler cuts a very small groove on the two shanks of the ring, so the diamond or other precious stones are fixed by the pressure of the metal shank on the ring. The nudity of the diamond goes a step further than the prong setting, shining with brilliance. A more fashionable and exciting mosaic method. When impacted by external force, the metal will be deformed and the gemstone will fall, and the size cannot be modified. It is recommended to determine the size of the ring before customization to avoid problems.



The lowest profile - Gypsy Setting

Gypsy setting, also known as buried setting, hidden setting, this style of diamond ring first sets the diamond into a hole that can better wrap the diamond waist, and then fixes the diamond by hammering the surrounding metal. The pavilion of the diamond is not exposed, as if buried in the metal, and the jeweler then taps the metal around the diamond to hold it in place. In this setting method, the diamond is safely placed in the ring setting. The diamond is highly protected, and it is not easy to loosen or fall off. The diamond is also relatively safe, and it will not hook clothes or scratch it. This type of ring is also very suitable as a wedding ring, especially a men's wedding ring, which is very atmospheric.


The most retro-common prong

Each diamond is separated independently by a slender metal strip. The thin columns are uniform in thickness and curved in the same radian. After the column heads are smoothed, they look like bright small round beads when viewed from the top. Each gemstone is separated independently, and the exposed part of the side of the gemstone reflects the beautiful light. This inlay method belongs to the retro style, gorgeous and rigorous. This is a setting technique that is very suitable for small carat and small size diamonds, which is delicate and delicate.

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The most complicated - Pave Setting

Nail setting is to make use of the ductility of metal, and use tools to chisel out several small nails directly on the edge of the metal material to fix the diamond to any metal claw that fixes the diamond. The closely arranged diamonds are actually set in the metal tongue and groove. Inside. This setting method needs to pay attention to whether the size and height of the diamonds are consistent and the order of the diamonds. Since there is no metal surrounding, the diamond can penetrate and reflect more light, highlighting the dazzling light of the diamond jewelry. Peg setting is mostly used in group setting diamond decorations and becomes the embellishment of luxury models. But a word of caution: It is very difficult to change the size of a ring if the entire ring is set. We strongly recommend that when customizing the ring, you must determine the size of the ring, so that there will be no problems after the ring is completed.


The most luxurious display diamond - Halo Setting

A halo setting places small diamonds in concentric circles or squares around the center diamond to give it a more radiant look. Rings using this technique usually give people a romantic and retro feel, and the small diamond halo makes the center stone look larger, and also enhances the overall sparkle of the ring, which is very luxurious. This inlay method is more suitable for diamonds above 0.5ct, so that the protruding effect will be more obvious. 

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