Natividad Maurice's Custom Design Story

Natividad Maurice's Custom Design Story

Growing up in the heart of Manhattan, amid the buzz and energy of the city, my mind often wandered to the tales of my grandmother's younger days in Spain. As a child, I'd snuggle next to her, enchanted by her stories of moonlit nights, passionate dances, and a special light yellow gemstone ring. This yellow gemstone ring was a symbol of her youth, her love, and her zest for life. Sadly, she lost it during one of her adventures, and it was a memory that lingered in both our hearts.

Years passed, and the longing for a piece of that memory grew stronger. I wanted to feel closer to her, to hold a tangible piece of our shared history. So, I decided to recreate that cherished ring. I'd heard of Dissoo Jewelry's reputation for crafting unique pieces, and I felt they were the right choice to help me on this journey.

I went into their website with a dream. I envisioned a ring with a primary stone that mirrored the moon's glow on those Spanish summer nights. The 925 Sterling Silver setting was chosen for its classic elegance and longevity. For the stone, I settled on an oval-shaped, light yellow Dissoo® Stone, measuring 9*13 mm and weighing 6 carats (ps: Acyually, I can't recall the exact carat weight, but I ultimately settled on 6 carats), hoping it would capture the spirit and warmth of my grandmother's tales.

But there was more. To give this ring an ethereal feel, reminiscent of the starry skies under which my grandmother danced, I wanted smaller stones encircling the primary gem. The design included 234 diamond-white, round Dissoo® Stones, totaling a carat weight of 1.06. Every time these side stones would catch the light, I wanted them to twinkle just like the stars of my grandmother's stories.

The day the Dissoo teamd deliveried me with the Yellow Oval Halo Multi-Row Split Shank Cocktail Engagement Ring, my heart skipped a beat. Slipping it onto my finger, the weight and feel of the ring instantly transported me back to those cozy evenings with my grandmother. Every detail, every shimmer felt so right, so personal.

Wearing the ring, I received numerous compliments. Friends would often ask about its origin, and I'd fondly recount my grandmother's tales and the significance behind each element of the ring. It wasn't just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it was a conversation starter, a bridge to my past.

Looking back, I'm grateful to Dissoo Jewelry. They didn't just sell me a ring; they crafted a piece of my family's legacy. Their patience in understanding my vision and their craftsmanship in bringing it to life was exceptional. I truly believe that when you want to wear a story, when you want to hold onto a memory, Dissoo is the place to turn to. They make dreams tangible, one jewel at a time.

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