Exploring Sparkling Diamond Jewelrys from Classic Films

Exploring Sparkling Diamond Jewelrys from Classic Films

Diamond jewelrys has played an important role in classic films over the years. Whether it be a simple diamond ring or a luxurious diamond necklace, these sparkling diamonds have captured the imaginations of viewers for generations.

The bright, sparkling diamonds of classic films have been a source of fascination for many viewers over the years.

From the glittering gems featured in The Great Gatsby to the iconic diamond necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany's, these stunning pieces of jewelry have become an iconic part of cinema history.

In this article, we'll explore the different types of diamond jewelry used in classic films and discuss why they remain popular today.

I don't know if you still remember the movie "Ocean's Eight"? Before the film was released in North America, Cartier's strong presence was already heard of - a $150 million Cartier necklace was used throughout the movie, allowing various big names to set off a gorgeous scam for it.

Continuing the story of the classic movie "Ocean's Eleven" series, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and others can be considered to have forged a strong female cast for this movie. Although there are so well-known big names to help, but surprisingly, the "main character" of the film is a necklace!

The prototype of the Cartier necklace worn by Anne Hathaway's heroine is the legendary Jeanne Toussaint necklace. Although the necklace we see in the film is not the original, the Cartier brand restored the design of this piece of jewelry for the film based on its prototype.

Designed by Cartier for the Maharaja of Nawanagar in 1931, the necklace is named after Cartier's legendary jewelry designer. The necklace is composed of a blue and white diamond with a main diamond of 136.25 carats, 46 white diamonds and two baguette-cut pink diamonds of 13 and 14 carats respectively. The original necklace was designed for the monarch, so the replica version that appeared in the movie was scaled down to fit the female lead's figure.

It is amazing that such an expensive necklace appeared in the movie, but the necklace that Cartier re-enacted for the movie was not made of real diamonds, but cubic zirconia, it took eight weeks and dozens of artisans to create this necklace with the same craftsmanship as fine jewelry.

Of course, Cartier, as the "protagonist" of the film, naturally had to bring along several "supporting actors". Many of the actors in the film are wearing brand new Cartier jewelry and antique jewelry, and fans familiar with the brand will be able to find a lot of Cartier jewelry hidden on the actors. And the film also used the Cartier Fifth Avenue boutique, the store for the film also specially cleared the field shooting. 

As long as there is a female protagonist, there is no shortage of fancy clothes and beautiful accessories. Whether these accessories make the heroine shine, or the heroine's beauty makes these jewels more radiant, the jewels in the movie are never inferior to the heroine.


When it comes to jewelry in movies, you may instantly be able to think of the heart of the ocean in "Titanic" or the " The Great Gatsby" that has become a big hit in recent years, but of course the show can be remembered from the tender to the "mature"Leonardo DiCaprio.

When the "Titanic" in the audience weeping beautiful love story to the history of love movies left a splendid, but the film's love token - aquamarine heart is also recorded in the jewelry splendid long river.


The heart of the sea in the film consists of a huge blue diamond as the main stone, when the director Cameron filming because of the high cost of natural blue diamonds, so choose by the London jeweler Asprey & Garrad to white gold set with blue cubic zirconia made version, its cost of about 10,000 U.S. dollars.

However, rumors are circulating that the Heart of the Ocean in the movie may be based on the Hope Diamond from Hare Winston. The Hope Diamond weighs 45.52 carats and comes from the Golconda mine in India, the site of many of the world's rarest and most famous natural diamonds. It was later collected by King Louis XIV of France, but during the French Revolution, the diamond was stolen from the treasury and disappeared for nearly 40 years. The diamond was then collected by Henry Philip Hope in London in the 1830s until 1949, when Mr. Hari Winston acquired it and it became one of his most beloved gems.

The Great Gatsby

The movie is set in the Jazz Age of the 20th century, a time when clothing and accessories were luxurious, and Tiffany created The Great Gatsby collection specifically for the movie to match the needs of the actress in the film. The headpiece and pearl jewelry worn by the actress in the film were created by Tiffany based on antique jewelry designs.



The tiara, which appears frequently in the film, is an important accessory for the actress, and its feathered shape can be detached into a brooch.

Sketch of an antique tiara

The luxuriously shaped pearl and diamond jewelry is also typical of contemporary high society.

The ring that appears on the hero's pinky finger is also from Tiffany's design. 

The V.I.P.s

What fascinates people in the movie is not only Elizabeth Taylor's purple eyes, but also the jewelry that follows her in front of the camera.

Taylor has been a lifelong collector of jewelry, with a particular fondness for Bulgari. In 1962's Cleopatra, she wore a gold snake bracelet watch by Bulgari, a signature element of the brand.

Bulgari's association with the mascot snake, a symbol of wisdom, life and eternity in ancient civilizations, began in 1960. Bulgari's snake bracelet watch is designed with a body made up of many components and is well crafted. 


Elizabeth Taylor wears Bulgari earrings in 'Cleopatra'

Bulgari jewelry was worn not only in Cleopatra, but also in Taylor's 1963 film, The V.I.P.s.The tiara worn by Taylor in "The V.I.P.s" was originally a spring brooch from her private collection.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The sexy Marilyn Monroe not only wore Hare Winston jewelry in the musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", but also sang in the song "Diamonds Are The Girl's Best Friend": "Talks to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it......" It seems that only Harry Winston jewelry can explain everything.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Most fans love to see this movie as a super-long commercial for Tiffany. In the poster for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Audrey Hepburn wears a "Ribbon Rosette" (ribbon necklace) designed by Jean Schlumberger, which is set with Tiffany yellow diamonds.

The heroine's stop in front of Tiffany's window also made countless young girls open Tiffany's dream journey, Tiffany is also covered with a layer of romantic and noble colors.

Grace of Monaco

In 2014, Nicole Kidman played an elegant princess in "Grace of Monaco", a movie that recreates the princess' style and classic look. The crown and diamond necklace worn by the Princess in the film certainly left a lasting impression on the audience. The jewels were reproduced by Cartier in the form of antique jewels, including a ruby and diamond crown, and a three-row diamond necklace.

The Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays the female singer, also wore jewelry from Cartier.


In this film, which chronicles the life of Princess Diana, there are countless appearances of the Princess' favorite style of jewelry, especially earrings. Fans familiar with Princess Diana's style will know that the short-haired princess was extremely fond of earrings during her lifetime, and even wore them exclusively most of the time. Among her many collections were white gold earrings set with diamonds and sapphires, and for the film Diana, Chopard created a variety of earrings, necklaces and accessories to match the Princess's temperament and preferences, giving the film the fullest and most accurate representation of her style.

The Princess, played by Naomi Watts, chose to wear delicate and small earrings on several occasions, demonstrating a sophisticated and refined temperament.

These exquisite and small embellishments may not be very eye-catching, but it is precisely because the embellishments of these accessories are closer to the style of the princess.

Anna Karenina

In this movie, the impressive thing is of course the classic Chanel camellia-shaped necklace, played by Keira Knightley Anna Karenina wears this luxury Chanel necklace is the play stylist Jacqueline Durran personally went to Paris to choose for her.

The play also features a variety of Chanel jewelry selected by the designer specifically for the period in which the play is set, to protect the historical feel of the play.

In addition to Keira Knightley, the drama Michelle Dockery also wore a variety of exquisite and luxurious necklaces, with the role of the drama and costume styling, to create the elegance of women in the context of the time.

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