Yellow Diamonds: A Rare and Valuable Gem

Yellow Diamonds: A Rare and Valuable Gem

Yellow diamonds are a rare and beautiful type of diamond, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. The yellow colour is caused by the presence of nitrogen in the diamond's chemical composition, and the intensity of the colour can range from faint yellow to deep brown.

Yellow represents wealth, gold, luxury, and is loved by the public. Among the well-known yellow gemstones, the most valuable item is the yellow diamond.

Yellow diamonds, also known as gold diamonds, are a type of colored diamond. Fancy color diamonds in diamonds that are pure in color and have a vivid hue of yellow or gold. Yellow diamonds are scarce and brightly colored, making them popular with collectors.

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Yellow diamond genesis

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word Adamas, which means to be strong.

It is formed by pressure, fire, violence and timing, and only when all the conditions are right will carbon finally shine brightly.

When some of the carbon atoms in a diamond are replaced by nitrogen atoms (a hundred out of every million carbon atoms are replaced), the excess electrons form a new energy level in the forbidden band, and the diamond crystal begins to absorb blue and purple light, eventually giving the diamond a yellow diamond.

Yellow diamonds are usually light yellow, golden yellow, burgundy or amber and are the most common colors in colored diamonds, especially golden yellow.


Distribution of yellow diamonds in production areas

Yellow diamonds are widely sourced, but diamonds with deep yellow tones are mainly found in southern and central Africa.

Some natural yellow diamonds are also known as "canary yellow diamonds" due to their vivid color and distinctive characteristics. There are also some natural yellow diamonds named after the mining areas unearthed, such as the Zimmi yellow diamond, which is named after the Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone.

Southern and central Africa

Since the dawn of Africa as a source of diamonds in the 19th century, South Africa, which produces a lot of diamonds every year, has been associated with fancy color diamonds, and many fancy color diamond poems have been written.

The first fancy color diamond found there was a 21.25 ct Beauty Yellow Diamond, named "Eureka". Diamonds with deep yellow tones are mainly found in southern and central Africa.

Sierra Leone, West Africa Africa

About the king of yellow diamonds, Hermes among yellow diamonds: zimi yellow diamonds in the Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone.

The Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone produces a special yellow diamond, which is named after the mine by the industry.

The color of Zimmi yellow diamonds is highly saturated, the color is extremely intense and charming, showing a typical "canary" yellow, most of the zimi yellow diamonds can reach the top Fancy Vivid yellow grade.

Australia Australia

Ellendale Mine of Western Australia is the single largest supplier of rare fancy yellow diamonds in the world.

Other origins

China also has alluvial diamond deposits, and the central bank now has a 158.786ct yellow diamond from China called "Changlin Diamond".

The largest yellow diamond produced in China is called "Golden Rooster Diamond", which is said to have more than 200 carats, but unfortunately it was lost during the Anti-Japanese War.


Yellow diamond grading

Color descriptions of colorless diamonds are graded according to the Gemmological Institute GIA, from "D" (transparent colorless, starting with the first letter of Diamond) to "Z" (yellow).

where D is the highest color level, which represents complete colorlessness, and the lower the color level, the lower it is, the more yellow it is.

Among them, M-R belongs to the yellow category, which shows yellow color from any angle.

Diamonds of the S-Z grade can see a distinct yellow, but such diamonds can only be called diamonds with yellow tones with low color grades, and cannot be called yellow diamonds.

So, what kind of diamond can be called a yellow diamond?

Combined with ordinary diamond color grades, only yellow that exceeds Z color can be called Fancy (fancy), and yellow diamonds of general fancy color diamond grade, from low to high, are:

Fancy Light Yellow

Fancy Yellow

Fancy Intense Yellow

Fancy Deep Yellow

Fancy Vivid Yellow

The The color grade has a huge impact on the value of "yellow diamonds", and the price per carat of "Fancy Vivid Yellow" yellow diamonds can reach more than 3 times or more than "Fancy Intense Yellow".

The basic pricing principle of yellow diamonds: The value of yellow diamonds depends largely on their colour. The most important thing in buying a yellow diamond is the choice of colour.

According to the grading of the color, yellow diamonds that reach the level of Fancy Yellow or above are meaningful, and collections can consider Fancy Intense Yellow or above.

For veteran collectors, the Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond is a must.


Yellow diamond cutting process characteristics

Most Most of the diamonds we see every day are round cut, and round diamonds best reflect the fire of diamonds, which can maximize the reflection of light entering the diamond to achieve the brightest effect.

This is also the most classic and ancient cutting process.

However, relatively more than 0.5 carats of "yellow diamonds" rarely use round cutting, but more use of care oval cutting, water drop cutting, emerald cutting, radiant cutting, etc.

Because yellow diamonds only show their most intense color when they are cut into a non-round shape, it is easier to show the fire of yellow diamonds.


The legendary yellow diamond that has been passed down for 100 years The Tiffany Diamond

The The Tiffany Diamond is one of the largest and rarest yellow diamonds in the world.

This 287.42 ct rough diamond was mined in the Kimberley Diamond Mines in South Africa in 1877 and purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany.

From a distance, the finished 128.54 ct diamond looks like a blazing flame burning from the inside out.

As early as 1957, the British lady Mary Whitehouse wore it to the Tiffany ball.

In 1961, Audrey Hepburn wore it for the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" poster. The combination of the goddess and the beautiful diamond caused a big sensation at that time!

It is also this classic photo that made the yellow diamond famous!

Since Audrey Hepburn, yellow diamonds have become an indispensable treasure in women's jewelry boxes. When Audrey Hepburn wore a beautiful yellow diamond necklace and appeared in front of the world's fans, it was intoxicating.

In 2012, to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Tiffany brand, this legendary yellow diamond was set in a platinum necklace weighing nearly 120 carats of diamonds.

At the 2019 Oscars, Lady Gaga also lent out this necklace.This is also the third time that the legendary yellow diamond has been worn publicly.

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On that day, Gaga's little black dress paid tribute to Hepburn and became the focus of the audience.

 Since its excavation in 1877, only three people in history have worn this priceless 128.54 carat, the legendary Tiffany yellow diamond. Today, Beyoncé is the fourth person to wear it.

Two idol creators, a legendary diamond.

Now, Beyoncé will open a new chapter for it. The film "All Love" is directed by the famous director Emmanuel Adjei.

The classic song "Moon River" was famous for the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany", and Beyoncé's precious reinterpretation of the song in the film was also recorded by JAY-Z in the Super 8 film camera.

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