Exploring the Animal Design Elements Used by Well-Known Jewelry Brands

Exploring the Animal Design Elements Used by Well-Known Jewelry Brands

The animal world is the source of inspiration for many jewelry brands, and some animals have even become classic symbols of the brand. So what kind of stories are there between these animals and the brand, why can they become the totem of the brand?

Animals are one of the most beautiful gifts that nature bestows on us. Because of them, the world is more colorful, full of vigor and vitality.

Many jewelry brands still love to create animal jewelry. The combination of gemstones and animal shapes presents us a high-profile, luxurious, cute and fresh animal world.

For example, cheetahs, snakes, bears, etc. have become beasts that humans can control, and some animals have even become classic symbols of the brand.

Cartier: Cheetah

As the totem of Cartier, the cheetah has a history of 100 years.

Cartier's "cheetah" (panther) shape is one of the most representative designs in animal-themed jewelry. Its history can be traced back to France in the early 20th century, influenced by the pursuit of animal skins by the upper class at that time.

Lady with Panther

In 1914, Cartier was the first to use cheetahs to present femininity. It used cheetah elements on a chain watch, and vividly displayed the exquisite leopard prints with paving techniques. Since then, the cheetah element has continued to flourish in the hands of Cartier’s famous jewelry designer Jeanne Toussaint and has become a symbol of dreams and desires.

 In 1917, Louis Cartier made a cigarette case for Jeanne Toussaint

A friend of Louis Cartier at the time, Jeanne Toussaint, was so obsessed with cheetahs that people called her "La Panthère" (Lady Cheetah). In 1917, Louis Cartier made a cigarette case for Jeanne Toussaint, presenting the complete cheetah shape in jewelry design for the first time. This image refers to George Barbier's painting, and the cypress trees inlaid with emeralds on both sides replace the original one. of two columns.

Duke of Windsor

Since 1948, the three-dimensional cheetah shape began to appear in Cartier's jewelry design. At that time, in order to express his deep love for his wife, the Duke of Windsor instructed Cartier to design a variety of jewelry for the Duchess of Windsor, including the "Cheetah" brooch. The gold brooch features a 116.74-carat emerald; the all-diamond brooch features a 152.35-carat cabochon-cut sapphire. Another bracelet is presented in the shape of a cheetah stretched all over the body. The surface pattern is set with diamonds and onyx, and the eyes are set with marquise emeralds.

It is said that there is a little story in it - the Duchess of Windsor was fascinated by the retro Indian style at that time, and the cheetah is the most suitable animal shape for this characteristic. It is bold and fierce, and at the same time has a certain elegance Lazy personality is most suitable for the Duchess of Windsor.

French socialite Daisy Fellowes, model Nina Dyer, and diamond businessman Barbara Hutton are all important customers in the history of Cartier cheetah jewelry. In 1957, Barbara Hutton's order prompted Cartier's animal jewelry to no longer be limited to cheetahs - she customized a tiger-shaped brooch and a pair of earrings. The tiger's limbs and tail were articulated and combined to follow the wearer's body The action swings freely. Since then, tiger, snow leopard and puma-themed jewelry have also appeared in Cartier's zoo series. The new "fur setting" mosaic technology is also used in group-set gemstones in animal jewelry. Show off the brilliance of gemstones.

Today, cheetah jewelry remains one of Cartier's most popular designs.

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Bulgari: Spirit Snake

The snake is the instigator on the apple tree in the Garden of Eden, and it is also a "villain" that generally represents evil and darkness. It has an irreplaceable symbolic meaning in the world, especially in Europe, the birthplace of high-end jewelry.

BVLGARI Bulgari Serpenti High Jewelry Necklace

Among the many high-end jewelry brands that love to interpret the snake shape, Bulgari is the most worth mentioning. When jewelry designers interpret this "symbol" with bright and colorful jewelry, they collide with the "contradictory beauty" in many human natures, which touches people's hearts and wins strong recognition.

The story of Bulgari and the spirit snake began in the late 1940s. Bulgari applied the "snake" element to watch straps for the first time, and launched the brand's first snake-shaped jewelry. The winding spirit snake was loved by many film and television superstars at that time, and Bulgari snake jewelry has become famous ever since.

In the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor made a stunning appearance in the movie "Cleopatra" wearing a bracelet tailored for her by Bulgari.

Today, the snake has long become a classic symbol of Bulgari. Whether it is a watch, bag or jewelry, we can see the charming spirit snake.

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Chanel: Lion

On Christmas Eve in 1919, Chanel, who lost her love, came to Venice to relax. Here give her strength and bring her back to life. The lion is a symbol of Venice, it not only represents San Marco, the guardian of Venice, but also symbolizes the energy of resurrection. Since then, it has become a symbol and source of inspiration that accompanied Chanel throughout his life.

In 2012, Chanel's high jewelry works first saw the lion shape, which is part of the classic creation of Ms. Chanel and is also an important source of inspiration.

Chanel's fine jewelry "Les Intemporels de CHANEL" series launched four lion works, three of which "Constellation du Lion" rings use diamonds, onyx and opal to combine the two favorite elements of Chanel women, the lion and the comet , Luxurious and eye-catching, showing the might of a lion. The "Lion Talisman" necklace is finished with a lion's head set with diamonds and black diamonds.

Tiffany: Peacock

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, the symbolic trend of jewelry design was very obvious. People at that time liked to engrave "inscriptions" on jewelry to write their attitudes towards love or their current feelings and moods. Jewelry became a fashion. The peacock is very pleasing as a symbol of beautiful love, and men even use it as a gift to show their love. If you can engrave your name on the back of the peacock jewelry, it will be very heartfelt.


    Dior: a symbol of extraordinary meaning


      Dior's high-end jewelry combines a variety of materials to create a charming style, and there are more profound meanings and stories behind each jewelry. These jewels include precious gemstones of various sizes, ornamental gemstones, and large quantities of opal, among others. The finely crafted decoration conveys the texture of a haute couture lining.

      Whether it is the exquisite butterfly on the cocktail ring, or the vivid fish and waves on the fish-shaped ring, all of them reflect the brand's pursuit of fine workmanship.

      Chopard: unique, cute and charming

        Chopard's animal jewelry series has been loved by the public since its launch. 150 amazing unique works of art, from delicate bee brooches to precious polar bear diamond watches, from smart bird earrings to elf monkey accessories, each piece is so gorgeous.


        Gucci: Fashion Frontier


          The tiger head has always been an important symbol of Gucci, and it is reinterpreted every season. The bee logo first used by Gucci in the 1970s has also been brought back to the forefront of fashion and used as an important symbol of the brand. The design is lifelike, with tiger and bee-shaped jewelry made of gold, silver and precious gemstones, interpreting the brilliance of gemstones in a new way that pays tribute to modernity.

          Van Cleef&Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels - Butterfly

          The flying posture of the butterfly and the beauty of the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon remind people of the meaning of rebirth. Not only is Cupid, the Western god of love, accompanied by butterflies, but even the Eastern Liang Zhu, also uses butterflies as a symbol of love. Butterflies represent eternal true love, and they can best show the charm of women and make wishes come true.


          Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels high-end jewelry series condenses the dancing posture of butterflies in the eternal time and space, retaining the delicate beauty. The light temperament of each butterfly embodies the infinite eternal beauty. The work combines metal with unique gemstones, which is exciting to watch. Van Cleef & Arpels utilizes a variety of exquisite jewelry techniques to bring out the beauty of natural lightness in jewelry creations. Whether it is the front, back, or even hidden parts of the work, the craftsmanship is extremely perfect.

          Inspired by the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible, Van Cleef & Arpels' new high jewelery collection presents a series of sparkling animal shapes. This collection of shimmering animal brooches will enchant you and make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

          Nature has been a precious source of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels since its inception. Designers have created many childlike and clever animal jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship and creative inspiration.

          Boucheron: Loyal Guardian

            Since its birth in 1858, Boucheron has continuously added new ideas to its classic animal series, winning countless favors with its dexterous and moving works. Over the years, Boucheron's jewelry craftsmen have continued to exert avant-garde creativity, capturing the vitality of nature and transforming it into infinite inspiration.

            Today, the Boucheron animal series has developed into a thriving animal kingdom. More than 20 rare birds and animals have written their own symbolic meanings. In the hearts of jewelry craftsmen, they have turned into lifelike collections one by one, attracting imagination. .

            The animals that shine with gem light are not only magnificent jewelry, but also auspicious tokens to protect the wearer. Whether it is a rare animal drawn from reality or a fantasy country, it contains unique symbolic meanings and expresses sincere blessings.

            Dissoo® Butterfly Silhouette Ring & Brooch with 7.5ct Pink Primary Gemstone

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            With the change of time and fashion trends, the design of jewelry and accessories based on animal shapes gradually tends to be small, cartoon and interesting, and most of them appear in cute forms, which are deeply loved by everyone. Birds, reptiles, fish, wild animals, and pets are all meticulously portrayed: either physically and spiritually, lifelike, or exuding wit and wit, in a vibrant, modern style.

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