Explore Classic Jewelry Design Elements: The Rose

Explore Classic Jewelry Design Elements: The Rose

The rose was never some cheesy pastime, it was the entity of romance, a romanticism within reach of us mortals.

You may not know, how many names does a rose have?

In the book "The Rose of Time", naming plants seems to be a poetic thing:

Moss Rose, Damascus Rose, Shishi Scarlet Rose, Beauty Isis, Night Meditation, Lady Prevos, Golden Dream...

And Shakespeare wrote in "Romeo and Juliet": " What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."


Regarding the appearance of roses, the hard and sharp thorns on the stems, the soft and deep fragrance, and the delicate and curly petals are beautiful and fragrant. Let human beings spend their ultimate imagination about romance on a rose.


1.Man who wrote poems about roses

Roses are red, violets are blue
sugar is sweet and so are you
——Szymborska, "The Untaken Journey to the Himalayas"


Someone said your name out loud beside me yesterday
it's for me
Like a rose thrown through an open window
——Szymborska, "I Lived So Lonely"


In my barren land 
you are the final rose.
- Pablo Neruda, "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair"


Maybe there are five thousand roses in the world and you the same flower, 
but only you are my unique rose.
-Antonio de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


A rose blooming in the depths of the universe

In the depths of the universe, there is a rose silently blooming, it is called the Rosette Nebula.


The appearance of the rose is sculpted by the stellar wind and radiation emitted by the star cluster, and the petal part is gestating countless hot and young stars.


The nebula is rich in hydrogen gas, and it sometimes turns into a deep and charming blue, a solemn and elegant yellow, and a mysterious and enchanting green.


Inspiration muse for international designers

Buccellati Dans du Fau rubellite bracelet


Jeweler Buccellati's "Giardino" high-end jewelry series launched a gold bracelet with the theme of "prosperous garden world". The designer was inspired by Impressionist paintings and cleverly used the color contrast between colorful treasures , giving a more magnificent color to the rose of the same name.


The Dans du Fau bracelet uses "rose" as the image, and uses an 18.52ct cushion-cut red tourmaline to interpret the stamen, and the surrounding drop-shaped petals are embellished with electric-optic blue Paraiba tourmalines, and white gold and diamonds are used to outline the outward-blooming cusps Angular petals, bright colors create a rich visual hierarchy.

Piaget Mediterranean Garden Earrings

This rose gold earring is from Piaget's 2014 "Mediterranean Garden" (Mediterranean Garden) high-end jewelry series. It is designed with colored gemstones and asymmetrical rose branches, full of lively and lively romantic style.

Three colored gemstones: emerald, aquamarine, and blues-green tourmaline

Clever use of the inspiration of asymmetrical design - one is a small rose-shaped stud earrings, the other imitates the arc of rose branches, and a cluster of 4 blooming roses hangs from the ear. On the Oscars red carpet in 2014, Scarlett Johansson wore a dark green evening dress and chose this earring as a highlight of her temperament.


Piaget Mediterranean Garden Brooch

Piaget's works in the "Mediterranean Garden" series use yellow as the main color, inlaid with yellow sapphires, yellow beryls, and spessartite, presenting a scene of colorful flowers in a rose garden.

 Piaget "Piaget Rose" series: rose clusters

Taking the iconic "rose" as the inspiration theme, it captures the wonderful moment when the roses bloom in clusters, uses "gold engraving" to describe the texture of petals, and "pavé diamonds" creates crystal clear dewdrops, full of natural vitality.

The main stone is a 4.92ct oval-shaped green tourmaline, with a rich and full tone, reminiscent of dark green rose leaves; the outer ring is stacked with rose petals, matched with gorgeous diamond inlays, and the sharp corners of the petals just serve as claws, holding up The emerald is the main stone; small green tourmalines are dotted between the gaps of the petals, symbolizing the leaves hidden between the petals.

 Damask Rose: CINDY CHAO

International designer CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel's 2019 Black Label Masterpiece IX Damascus rose brooch is inspired by Oman's "Green Mountain" (Jebel Akhdar) mountain range, showing the fantastic beauty of Damascus roses.


The surface of the petals is inlaid with nearly 2,000 diamonds and more than 1,500 colored sapphires, covering 18 different color levels, showing a natural transition from pink, orange-pink to golden. The 8ct pink sapphire main stone is hidden among the filigree depicted by French carved lacquer, creating a natural sense of agility that exudes the fragrance of flowers and flutters with the wind.


Mountain Rose: CINDY CHAO

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel takes mountain roses as the design theme, creating a three-dimensional succulent plant shape. A rare 105.37ct cabochon-cut chrysoberyl is inlaid in the center of the brooch, showing a unique cat's eye effect.

Dissoo Rose 

Pave Rose Corsage Strap Bracelet

Pave Rose Corsage Strap Bracelet

Classic Green & White Pave Rose Corsage Bracelet

Classic Green & White Pave Rose Corsage Bracelet

Rose: "The Romanticism of Mortals"

Roses are gorgeous when they bloom, and beautiful when they wither. We endow them with infinite love. The poetry it represents is equivalent to the galaxy of the universe and the prosperous jewelry.

The rose was never some cheesy pastime, it was the entity of romance, a romanticism within reach of us mortals.

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Explore Classic Jewelry Design Elements: The Rose

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