Explore Classic Jewelry Design Element: The Butterfiy

Explore Classic Jewelry Design Element: The Butterfiy

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and colorful insects in nature. They have been a symbol of beauty and elegance since ancient times.


Butterflies are also the muse of inspiration for jewelry designers.


Whether it is the Art Nouveau period or the contemporary jewelry industry, whether it is an international big name with a long history or a rising jewelry designer, they have all performed different styles of butterfly jewelry.

Butterfly works by Rene Lalique


Although the elements are all butterflies, how to interpret them will inevitably bring the personality of their respective brands. Today, let’s take a peek at the “Dream Butterfly” of various brands.


Butterfly inspiration captured by international big names



Tiffany's Blue Book tanzanite platinum brooch is one of my favorite among Tiffany's many butterfly-shaped jewelry.

From the color of the gem itself to the shape of the butterfly, and the color gradient details of the small accessories, it reveals elegance and nobility everywhere.

Blue Book Tanzanite and Platinum Brooch, by Tiffany & Co.


Many butterfly jewelry designs use colored gemstones, but very few use colorless white diamonds to make butterflies.


But Tiffany's pair of diamond butterfly earrings are very brilliant.


From the shape and body direction of the butterfly to the size and size of the pavé-set diamonds, all the details show the meticulous attention of jewelry craftsmen.

Blue Book earrings in platinum, by Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany has a lot of butterfly jewelry, but the overall design style tends to be gorgeous but restrained: full of gemstones, and the color matching will not be too colorful.


(For more beautiful pictures of Tiffany butterfly jewelry, please search the gallery on Jeweler's official website)



Van Cleef & Arpels


The styles of the Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly series have been very, very popular in recent years. The probability of appearing in the circle of friends of high imitation micro-businesses is extremely high.

Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly Collection


Dissoo® Filigree Butterfly Ring&Brooch


Among them, the Two Butterfly diamond and pink sapphire suits must be the most touching girl's heart.


Does the soft and pink color scheme also touch your heart?

Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly Collection


When it comes to Van Cleef & Arpels, the iconic infinity inlay must be indispensable. The combination of sapphire and diamond color matching and the ultimate infinity inlay technology, which woman would not be moved by it?


Van Cleef & Arpels Sapphire Platinum Ring


Of course, in addition to the above styles suitable for daily life, Van Cleef & Arpels also has many high-end colorful gem butterfly jewelry, each of which is enough to make people intoxicated!


(See more beautiful pictures of Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Jewelry, search the gallery on Jeweler's official website)



Buccellati's butterfly jewelry, the wings usually use the brand's iconic textured gold carving process, which is complex and meticulous.


The combination of lace metal and elegant pearls, the overall style is ladylike, low-key and elegant.

Shaped bead brooch, by Buccellat i


The addition of bright and vivid red gemstones, combined with the metal texture, perfectly restores the beautiful patterns of butterfly wings.


Shaped bead brooch, by Buccellat i


The addition of the colors of different colored gemstones adds more vitality to the butterfly on the basis of Buccellati's extreme metal craftsmanship.

by Buccellat i




The butterfly in the Dior Diorette series is not a design theme, but it is an indispensable finishing touch.


Dior Diorette series


The lacquer process adds color to the entire jewelry work. The colors of butterflies and flowers match with the gemstones, which are colorful, brilliant and full of childlike innocence.


Dior Diorette series





When it comes to Cartier, red, blue and green fruit kits come to mind, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, snakes...


Butterfly-shaped jewelry is not Cartier's iconic design. What is remarkable is the following Cartier butterfly-shaped bracelet, which can be disassembled into a brooch design.


It is difficult for me, Cartier, to make the butterfly into an independent woman's calm demeanor.


cartier butterfly bracelet, detachable as a brooch





Compared with the extravagance and gorgeousness of other brands, the butterfly shape of Graff's lingering butterfly series is more simple and classic.


Graff Butterfly Collection


The small colorful butterflies are agile, simple but not simple.


Different from the cumbersome details of high-end jewelry, the Graff Butterfly series is more suitable for daily wear, comfortable but eye-catching.


Graff Butterfly Collection


Butterflies in the eyes of Chinese jewelry designers

In traditional Chinese culture, butterflies have always been a symbol of wealth, elegance, and love. Chinese designers and designers of Chinese origin also favor butterflies.


Speaking of butterfly jewelry by Chinese designers, the first thing I have to mention is "Miss Butterfly" Cindy Chao Zhao Xinqi.

by Cindy Chao


Cindy Chao


The reason why Cindy Chao is called "Miss Butterfly" is because she has a soft spot for making butterfly jewelry.


Since 2008, Cindy Chao has made an annual butterfly brooch every year to witness her growth and transformation this year. Each work takes more than 18 months and nearly 10,000 working hours.


by Cindy Chao


In March 2009, the "Royal Butterfly Brooch" designed by her was permanently collected by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.


Royal butterfly brooch by cindy chao


In February this year, the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts announced a new jewelry piece as a permanent collection - the Ruby Flying Butterfly Brooch, which is the first annual butterfly jewelry created by CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel in 2007.


Anna Hu


Anna Hu, the first Chinese jewelry designer to hold an exhibition in the Louvre, also designed butterfly-themed jewelry: Butterflies high-end jewelry series.


by Anna Hu


The Butterflies series consists of 8 butterfly brooches in different shapes. Anna Hu uses gemstones of different colors to design and inlay them, showing the colorful colors of butterfly wings.

by Anna Hu

Mason Tsai Jewelry


Chinese people have a strong affection for jade, how can Chinese designers not include the figure of "king of jade" jadeite in their butterfly jewelry works?

by Mason Tsai


Mason Tsai, a Chinese emerald jewelry designer who was born in a jadeite family in Taipei, his emerald butterfly jewelry is eye-catching.

by Mason Tsai


Mason Tsai uses eclectic materials in the design of the butterfly shape, uses bold and unrestrained colors, and combines Chinese and Western design styles.

by Mason Tsai


It boldly interprets the traditional shape, turning fudou and leaves into butterfly wings and becoming a part of the design language.



by Mason Tsai

Wallace Chan


The finale is the hall-level figure among Chinese jewelry designers: Wallace Chan Chen Shiying.


by Wallace Chan


by Wallace Chan


Appreciating Chen Shiying's jewelry works always leaves people at a loss for words.


The creativity of Chen Shiying's works is unique for the same butterfly-shaped jewelry. Not only is the material selected carefully, but also it integrates many craftsmanship.

by Wallace Chan


The original titanium metal craftsmanship is the backbone of jewelry, with colorful colors, and each piece can be called a work of art, full of tension.


by Wallace Chan


Looking at Chen Shiying's works, there is really a kind of artistic conception of "Zhuang Shengxiao dreaming of butterflies": reading all the floating life is originally a dream, and the world of mortals is in a hundred turns.


by Wallace Chan


by Wallace Chan


Dissoo® Butterfly Silhouette Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring&Brooch


The same butterfly shape can be interpreted in different ways in the eyes of designers of different brands!


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